Finding teenage swingers can be a lot of fun. With youth and beauty on their side, they bring a lot to swinging events and parties. Finding swingers who are young but still legal can be tricky, but if you know where to look it’s not difficult.

Go Online

Since the younger generation tends to be more tech savvy, many of them turn to creating profiles and participating in online forums and communities. You don’t have to be as savvy to find an 18 year old to swing with. Simply find a website that is devoted to the younger legal generation, such as college dating sites. Create a profile, avoiding listing that only want teenagers. This is going to make you look like a creep, and could possibly get you banned from the site. Instead, be open and talk about how you want a youthful partner. You can find creative ways to word your profile to meet older teens who would be interested in swinging. Many forums for swingers also have sub forums just for people who are new to the lifestyle. You can potentially find some swinging partners here as well.

18 Plus Night Clubs

18-21 is an awkward age for many. They are legally adults, yet banned from drinking. Many clubs recognize this and offer 18 and up nights. You can also find night clubs that are exclusively for those who are 18-21. This could be a good way to meet other older teenagers and mingle. If you are suave enough you can find others who are interested in swinging. Just be sure you phone the club ahead of time to make sure they don’t have a cap on the age. Many won’t allow people over 21 in, and others will, but there is usually no alcohol involved.